Trump Team Making Lots of Obamacare 'Promises'

Posted: Jan 07, 2017 9:00 AM

Donald Trump's team has admitted this past week that their plans to overhaul Obamacare will not happen immediately. Kellyanne Conway even said it could take years. Thursday on CNN, Rep. Chris Collins (R-NY), who sits on Trump's transition team, echoed those remarks, noting that the Trump administration is not planning any significant changes for at least two years.

Collins emphasized Speaker Paul Ryan’s pledge that they’re not going to “pull the rug out” from under anyone who relies on Obamacare for health insurance.

"So we're talking about new plans in 2019 or later that will be more affordable, let patients pick their doctors," Collins explained.

Another word being thrown around by the Trump team is “promise.” Collins said they’ve made a promise not to disadvantage any Americans. During his visit to Capitol Hill on Wednesday to rally support for repealing and replacing Obamacare, Vice-president elect Mike Pence said the Trump White will be in the “promise keeping business.” 

After eight years of broken promises, Americans are a bit skeptical. Yet, Pence seemed ready to go full steam ahead, telling Congress he wants an Obamacare repeal bill on Trump's desk by February 20.