Report: North Carolina May Extend Poll Hours

Posted: Nov 08, 2016 4:58 PM

UPDATE: A nonprofit group in North Carolina has requested that the polls remain open an additional 90 minutes.

***Original Post***

Amid lawsuits and controversies about voter fraud throughout the country, North Carolina officials are deciding whether or not to extend polling on Tuesday, reports The Washington Post.

The North Carolina State Board of Elections announced it will meet later this afternoon to consider requests from counties to keep polls open longer, including a request from Durham County, where a technical issue when the polls opened delayed voting.

The State Board of Election reported that some precincts were unable to use electronic systems to locate voters and had to switch to a manual system. Because of the glitch, voter groups requested that polls stay open later.

Earlier on Tuesday, a Donald Trump lawyer appeared in court to challenge Clark County Registrar for keeping polls open past the deadline. A Nevada judge lectured the lawyer and threw out the suit.

We're looking forward to hearing the Donald Trump campaign's response to this news out of North Carolina - an important swing state.