Clinton Campaign Manager 'Doesn't Know' If Pence Is a Racist

Posted: Oct 05, 2016 2:00 AM

Farmville, VA - In the spin room following Tuesday night's vice presidential debate, Clinton Campaign Manager Robby Mook "answered" some of the media's questions. 

Despite multiple outlets concluding that Mike Pence won the debate hands down, Mook was adamant that Tim Kaine won based on the fact that Pence could not defend Donald Trump's policies. 

That made one reporter ask a pointed question: Does Mook think Pence is a racist?

“That’s the problem he wouldn’t take positions," Mook said. "A principle of these vice presidential debates is you are supposed to come in and stand in unity with your running mate and defend the policies and positions of your ticket. Mike Pence refused to take a position. Now we’re left with even more questions.”

Again, does this mean Pence is a racist?

“He has refused to take a position on Donald Trump’s racist statement,” Mook responded. “We don’t know. It would be helpful if he would take a definitive position on whether he thinks what Donald Trump said about a judge was in fact racist.”

Mook was also asked how he can answer for Hillary Clinton's poor trustworthy numbers. After regurgitating the same talking point about how Clinton knows how important it is to gain voters' trust and how she has a lifetime of "fighting for kids and families," he ended the Q&A.