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Hillary Jokes About Her Email Abuse Again With Jimmy Kimmel

Democratic nominee can't stop laughing about how she placed our national security at risk. In her latest appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Monday night, Clinton shared how much she relies on FaceTime to spend time with her new granddaughter. That caused Kimmel to quip, "Have you considered using FaceTime instead of email?"


"I think that's actually really good advice," Clinton responded, chuckling.

Clinton also laughed off Republican charges about her supposedly failing health, asking Kimmel to take her pulse while she was talking.

Yet, with her emails in the news again, thanks to new revelations that the State Department offered special access to the Clinton Foundation while she was secretary of state, Kimmel pressed her about a new batch soon to be released. She dismissed those as well.

"The State Department said that they have to release 15,000 emails by the deadline is a couple of days before the debate," Kimmel said. "Are you concerned about that?"

"No," Clinton responded. "Jimmy my emails are so boring. And I’m embarrassed about that. They’re so boring. So we’ve already released, I don’t know, 30,000 plus so what’s a few more."

If they're so boring, then why does Clinton continue to hide from the press? She has no qualms going on TV to joke with late night hosts, but the presidential candidate has not had a real press conference in 262 days.

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