Tapper: Yes, Hillary's Integrity Deserves to Be Questioned After Clinton Foundation Emails

Posted: Aug 11, 2016 9:45 AM

New York City Mayor Giuliani called out Hillary Clinton as the most corrupt person to ever run for office on Fox News's "America's Newsroom" Thursday morning. The newly discovered correspondence between the Clinton Foundation and the State Department during Clinton's tenure as secretary of state suggested some Foundation donors were trying to seek special favors from the government. It was a severe case of bribery and conflict of interest, the mayor insisted. In conclusion, he could only define the Clinton Foundation as a "fake charity."

But it's not only GOP politicians sounding off on Clinton's ineptness. CNN journalist Jake Tapper commented on the scandal by suggesting the Clintons think they're above the law.

“This does feed into the narrative out there that the Clintons in general don’t think that the rules apply to them, and can’t understand why anybody would ever question their ethics or their integrity," Tapper noted. "This is exactly what the Obama transition team in 2008 wanted to avoid. They wanted a clear dilatation between the foundation and the State Department.”

Larry noted over at Hot Air how this should surprise no one who has been witness to the never ending Clinton dynasty. He reminds us about her brief press conference at the United Nations last year, where she reluctantly agreed to answer questions about her emails, casting it off as a superfluous topic.

At least the media is beginning to report on these emails like they do matter.