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Massachusetts Family Group: Why Is Legislature Kicking Predators Off ‘Pokemon Go,’ But Allowing Them in Women’s Restrooms?

Keep MA Safe, a group that was created out of a need to preserve family structure in Massachusetts, is noticing a tinge of hypocrisy in the state legislature. Democratic Rep. Jonathan Zlotnik introduced a bill this week that would ban sex offenders from using the popular game “Pokemon Go,” arguing these criminals could use it to seduce children. Similarly, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo banned 3,000 sex offenders from using the app.


While Democrats may be heralding Zlotnik’s new legislative effort, concerned family groups are pointing out a serious case of hypocrisy. For instance, the final version of the bill for which Zlotnik voted allows men who identify as female to use women’s restrooms and locker rooms.

Keep MA Safe Chairwoman Chanel Prunier responded to Zlotnik’s inconsistent voting pattern in a new press release.

“While I understand their concern about sex offenders exploiting ‘augmented reality,’ our lawmakers failed to address the very real loophole the transgender law has created for predators,” Prunier said. “This is why we have to bring the issue to a vote by the citizens.”

The Obama administration has been pushing this social justice agenda nationally, mandating every public school in America recognize transgender bathroom rights. The Target Corporation has followed suit, enacting a policy that allows men who identify as female into women’s restrooms. That threatening new policy has led to incidents like this.


Stopping predators from playing Pokemon is a good start, but maybe we should focus on reversing these more dangerous dogmas? 

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