Labor Union Now Recruiting Children to Picket Against Verizon in 'Family Day' Protests

Posted: May 21, 2016 8:50 AM

The employee strike against Verizon, which dates back to mid-April, has cost the company a sizable amount of new customers. Over 40,000 employees walked out on the company when officials failed to engage in negotiations after their contracts expired. The Communication Workers of America labor union has been leading the protest, condemning the company for shipping jobs offshore and cutting off employees' health insurance during the strike. Yet, the labor union is now making children the new face of their bargaining efforts. Behold the Kid's Day of Action scheduled for this Saturday.

"On Saturday, hundreds of children will call on Verizon to keep their parents’ jobs in our communities," the CWA said in a new statement. "In more than 25 Family Day events from California to Massachusetts, children will join their parents’ picket lines and call on the company to save the good jobs that pay for their meals, clothes and other basic needs."

"From Massachusetts to California, children will join their parents on picket lines and call on Verizon to stop offshoring jobs," the labor union said. 

The event is a part of the CWA's "Family Day" of protests. They even have an ad, entitled "Don't Let Verizon Hurt Our Communities," to go along with it. 

Clearly, this is an emotional attempt by CWA to gain support for their cause. 

What do you think of the labor group using kids to gain support for their movement? Will children even understand the messages on the signs they'll be holding?

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