Sanders Wins Wyoming, Makes it Eight Out of the Last Nine

Posted: Apr 09, 2016 4:42 PM

*Election 2016 Results*

Bernie Sanders is now making it look easy. The Vermont senator defeated Hillary Clinton in the Wyoming Democratic primary on Saturday, making it his eighth victory in the last nine contests.

Sanders gained 56 percent of the vote in Wyoming with 87 percent precincts reported.

Reacting to the results on CNN, Democratic strategist Maria Cardona congratulated Sanders on his well deserved win, but noted that, moving forward, he faces a difficult road.

"In the Democratic primary, a winning streak is not what wins you the primary," she explained. "It's the delegates."

Placed in that lens, Clinton is by far the long-term victor. Her super delegate lead, for instance, far surpasses Sanders. 

Yet, there's no doubting Sanders is the one with the momentum right now.

Earlier Saturday the media was already reporting all-time high voter turnout in Wyoming and that it was a "good day" for Sanders.

Does Clinton think he's "qualified" yet?

Update (5:42): Bernie Sanders addressed reporters in Long Island, NY after his Wyoming win.

"We are in this race to win," Sanders said. 

He noted his campaign is having “a very strong second half. We are closing very fast.”

If his campaign has proven everything, it's that young people are not apathetic about the political process, he suggested.