Hillary: Sanders' New York Daily News Interview Proved He 'Hadn't Done His Homework'

Posted: Apr 06, 2016 1:45 PM

When Bernie Sanders’ New York Daily News interview published this week, it exposed some holes in the Vermont senator's foreign and domestic policy proposals. At one point, he even admitted he wasn't completely sure how he'd "break up the big banks" - something he's pledged to do several times on the campaign trail. After a crushing defeat in Wisconsin Tuesday night, Hillary Clinton is using these stumbles to try and prove he is not ready for the White House. Here's what she said when the "Morning Joe" hosts asked her Wednesday whether she thought Sanders was “qualified” to be president:

“I think the interview raised a lot of very serious questions,” she said.

His Daily News interview should convince voters to ask themselves whether he's ready to represent the country, she continued.

"I think he hadn't done his homework," Hillary said. "He'd been talking for more than a year about doing things he obviously hadn't studied or understood."

Yet, she’ll “leave it to the voters” to decide, she said.

Well, they did decide (pretty convincingly) in Wisconsin, choosing Sanders by double digits. In fact, they’ve decided on Sanders in seven of the last eight Democratic contests.

Clinton has expressed sympathy for voters who she says are "misled" by his lofty policy plans. These comments only hurt her, campaign experts argue. David Axelrod, President Obama’s former campaign manager, warned Clinton to stop categorizing Sanders’ fans as “dupes” because it will backfire on her.

Heaven knows she can’t afford to lose any more young voters.

Clinton is losing more than she's winning lately and her tense appearance on "Morning Joe" is another indication she is one nervous "frontrunner."