Iranian Media Releases Footage of US Sailors Crying After Capture

Posted: Feb 10, 2016 11:30 AM

Iran continues to exploit the unfortunate incident in which 10 American sailors were captured in the Persian Gulf last month after their boat engine faltered. In the days following the capture, Iran celebrated the incident, even handing out awards to the Iranian troops who had detained the Americans. One of those medal recipients, Sardar Fadavi, head of Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps Navy, taunted the U.S. by threatening to release information his personnel captured from the sailors' belongings, as well as other footage from the incident.

“If U.S. officials say they are angry with and frustrated by the footage released, they would be 100 times more embarrassed if the IRGC releases other films of the capture, the Iranian commander said,” Tasnim, the state-owned news agency reported.

Iranian General Hossein Salami also claimed the sailors cried after their detainment. 

Now, it appears as if some of the teased footage has surfaced. 

While this video has not been confirmed by officials, it appears to be another very real embarrassment for our military. 

The U.S. sailors were released after 12 hours of detainment, but only after being forced on their knees with guns pointed toward their heads.

Is this the "peaceful" relationship with Iran President Obama ensured us would develop after his administration's nuclear deal?