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Dem Strategist: Obama's Anti-terror Speech Was 'Weak and Unclear'

President Obama’s address from the Oval Office Sunday night did little to comfort Americans about the growing threat of ISIS. Likewise, political experts say the commander-in-chief failed to convince Democrats they are safe from eviction in next year’s elections.


“Weak and unclear,” Democratic strategist Hank Sheinkopf told The Hill, when asked for his reaction to Obama’s remarks. “What is the plan of action?”

Sheinkopf added that, at this point, “any rational person would worry about his legacy, and any rational Democrat would worry about the Democrats being injured in an electoral setting.”

Only 38 percent of the American public are fans of the president's handling the threat of terrorism, according to a recent CNN/ORC poll.

Obama’s choice of words and inaction can explain Americans’ lack of confidence in him. In an interview on "Good Morning America" in November, he said ISIS had been “contained.” Nine hours later, Islamic terrorists murdered 150 people in the heart of Paris. Following the attack, the world was expecting a change in U.S. strategy to defeat the terror organization. Obama, however, insisted we were going to “stay the course,” meaning no ground troops, no no-fly zone over Syria, and he was moving forward with the Syrian refugee process. In other words, he had no plans to fix our failing strategy.


Obama’s futile foreign policy has emboldened Democrats like Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) to speak out against it.

"What I'm saying is this has gone on too long now and it has not gotten better, it's gotten worse.”

The Democrat Party’s leader has no answers for combating ISIS. No wonder the party is worried about the public’s response. Expect more Democrats to distance themselves from the White House in the coming months.

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