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Activists Protest Gov Hogan for Detaining Deportation Targets Same Day Illegal Immigrant Charged with Murder

The immigration activist group CASA de Maryland, along with the ACLU and 20 other angry groups, stormed Governor Larry Hogan's mansion Thursday to protest his action to detain individuals cited for deportation. They made sure their presence was felt.


Demonstrators circled the governor’s mansion in protest of the state’s compliance with federal immigration authorities, who want to be informed when someone targeted for deportation is released from jail.

Zorayda Moreira-Smith, who works in CASA community development, suggested the program was unfair in nature because it is based on racial profiling.

“And what it does is incentivize racial profiling and individuals that look like me can be stopped and arrested and notify ICE to pick me up."

A detail lost on these activists, is the fact that Hogan is simply following the Obama administration's instructions. The governor's office said as much in a statement, suggesting the protesters' message would be better directed toward the Oval Office.

“The Baltimore City Detention Center is simply complying with a request from the Obama administration in regard to individuals who have already been detained. If CASA has concerns about Obama’s Priority Enforcement Program, I would recommend they take those concerns to the White House.”

Also tragically ironic, is the fact that CASA de Maryland protested Hogan's decision on the same day another illegal immigrant was charged with murder.


Fox 5 DC has the details on that fatal encounter:

Police say on Tuesday night, Miguel Angel Rodriguez-Gaona fatally stabbed William Palacios and then ran to Baltimore where they arrested him.

Miguel Angel Rodriguez-Gaona is just the latest illegal immigrant to commit homicide in the United States. Francisco Sanchez shot and killed 32-year-old Kate Steinle in San Francisco last month. Sanchez was a five-time deportee with a string of federal convictions. The slaying prompted Congress to introduce "Kate's Law," a bill that would punish returning deportees with a minimum five-year prison sentence. Does that sound racist to you? Or do you think maybe Congress is concerned with public safety?

CASA de Maryland would be wise to read about Kate Steinle, William Palacios, and other victims of illegal immigrants before knocking down Hogan's door.


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