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Hillary Admits the Planned Parenthood Videos are 'Disturbing'

It's taken three damning and graphic videos for the leading Democratic presidential contender to admit that Planned Parenthood may not be as innocent as they want Americans to believe.


Hillary Clinton is a pro-abortion politician who just last year was honored with Planned Parenthood's Margaret Sanger Award for her "commitment to women's health care." Because of her cozy relationship with the organization, she defended it in the initial wake of the Center for Medical Progress' undercover investigation that revealed top doctors were negotiating the sale of fetal body parts. The footage was so unnerving that Congress has even introduced bills to defund Planned Parenthood. Despite the first shocking videos, however, Clinton said the pro-life group behind the investigation was waging a "concerted attack" on Planned Parenthood and defended their other "important services."

Here's a quick recap of the CMP's investigation and Clinton's reactions: The first released video showed an abortionist bragging about the possible sale of fetal body parts during lunch - silence from Clinton. The second showed a Planned Parenthood doctor joking about using money from the sale of fetal body parts to buy a Lamborghini - Clinton tries to defend the organization. The third was much more graphic in nature, including actual footage of abortionists sifting through aborted babies' limbs after an abortion. 

That proved too much even for Hillary to defend. In an interview with the New Hampshire Union Leader Tuesday, she admitted the videos contained some stomach-turning footage.


“I have seen pictures from them and obviously find them disturbing."

Was it sincere? Hard to tell. Perhaps she has realized that, as more of these videos surface, fewer and fewer Americans, especially women, are willing to stand with the pro-abortion organization. Across the country Tuesday, pro-life rallies were largely comprised of young women and mothers tired of being tricked into believing Planned Parenthood stands for women's health.

The RNC, for one, is not impressed with Clinton's delayed concern:

"It should not have taken a third video showcasing Planned Parenthood’s barbaric side business of selling fetal body parts for Hillary Clinton to change her tune. Instead of condemning these horrific revelations, Hillary Clinton has stood by Planned Parenthood despite weeks of unsettling headlines. Rather than lead, Hillary Clinton has once again shown herself to be someone who will do or say anything to get elected. Perhaps that’s also why she has yet to spell out what limits, if any, she supports on abortion."

As for female Republican candidate Carly Fiorina, she couldn't be clearer as to what she thinks about Planned Parenthood.


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