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Obama Practices His Selfie Pose in New BuzzFeed Video

We all know our president is a fan of taking pictures of himself. Now we have even more proof. In a new video produced by BuzzFeed entitled, “Things Everybody Does But Doesn’t Talk About, Featuring President Obama,” Obama poked a little fun at himself by showing America his best selfie and mirror poses. The clip is below.


How did BuzzFeed get the leader of the free world to agree to do such a silly video? Easy – they allowed him to promote the Affordable Care Act. While staring at himself in the mirror practicing a speech, Obama not-so-subtly proclaimed, “The deadline for signing up for health insurance in February 15. In many cases you can get health insurance for less than $100 a month, just go to to figure out how to sign up.”

I guess we knew there had to be some catch.

It’s not the first time Obama has taken part in entertainment with the caveat of promoting his unpopular health care legislation. Last year, he was interviewed by Zach Galifianakis on “Between Two Ferns,” where he answered ridiculous questions and insisted the host’s problems could be solved by getting Obamacare. He’s also appeared on numerous late night talk shows at a rate much more frequent than previous presidents. Because of his seeming love for all things Hollywood, some critics have referred to him as ‘The Entertainment President.’


I must admit the BuzzFeed video is pretty funny. It’s nice to see politicians (even our president) not take themselves too seriously. But is it right for Obama, our Commander-in-Chief, to participate in such a silly video, especially as the world suffers at the hands of brutal terrorists?

What do you think? Is President Obama’s comedic turn all in good fun – or does he need to start acting like he belongs in the White House?

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