10 Comments from Obama’s OFA Call That Would Make You Think You’re on Healthcare.gov

Posted: Nov 19, 2013 2:30 PM

President Obama offered a lackluster speech online last night during his Organizing for Action call when he tried to defend the Affordable Care Act. I was one of the multiple listeners who didn’t hear it. The reason? An issue which seems to follow the president wherever he goes – tech failures.

But, that doesn’t mean anxious listeners didn’t find a way to amuse themselves. Below are listed just a few of the priceless comments they left on the chat board while watching the loading signal, which at first glance may appear like they were visiting the error-ridden healthcare.gov:

1.“40 minutes AFTER the speech began ... we now get the audio.”

2.“tech failure no sound.”

3. “I can hear, but needed to juggel [sic] back and forth through pages before it buffered all the way.”

4.“good for you luxury soap http://www.etsy.com/shop/1966 I'm doing this b/c I think the call is over. I cannot hear anything.”


6.Laters people. I'm off to netflix.”

7.Try signing out and in again.”

8. The technology is going to have to catch up with the progressive ideas of this President. Let's try it again.”

9. “Is everyone getting the ‘reconnecting’ message?”

10.Well folks. It's been real. Perhaps the next gathering will go more smoothly in terms of the message delivery.”

I doubt it.

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