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Posted: Nov 20, 2013 8:30 AM

Fresh off the release of her latest book, “Never Trust a Liberal Over 3,” Ann Coulter is ready For her next Challenge: Answering your questions for the December issue of Townhall Magazine.

Q. Why just 3 year olds [as in “Never Trust a Liberal Over 3”]? We have many senators and congressmen that have not yet reached that level of maturity. —Daniel
Ann: Liberals are actually quite darling before age 3: They can’t talk, redistribute wealth, conspire or undermine the Constitution yet. Yes, they qualify for a show on MSNBC, but that’s cute, isn’t it?

Q. Ann, every time you write a new book, the mainstream press tends to focus on one or two provocative statements or points (e.g your criticism of the culture that promotes single motherhood in “Guilty”). However, every time I get your book and read it, I am always impressed by your interesting, unique arguments on other topics (e.g. your solution to the problems related to single motherhood in “Guilty” or your defense of Joseph McCarthy in “Treason” or your discussion of the problems of evolutionary theory in “Godless”). I usually read these and think that there should be more public discussion about your points. So my question is, is there any particular topic that you covered in one of your earlier books that you wish Matt Lauer or others in the media would have engaged you on? Thank you for all your books. —Derrick
Ann: You’re a good reader, Derrick! In addition to single motherhood, Darwinism, and McCarthy, I wish I’d been able to talk more the French Revolution, group-think, liberal conspiracy theories, civil rights, the Republicans’ true “Southern Strategy,” public sector unions, liberal racism, the victim culture and the August 6th presidential briefing among other important topics raised in my books. Actually, I’d be happy enough if Matt Lauer could understand any of my books. Where’d his hair go?

Q. Liberals use, in your words, sneaky tricks like “discrediting” science that disagrees with them or conjuring “re- cantations” to further their agenda. Are these dirty tricks necessary to win, or can Republicans fight them with cold, hard facts? —Nicole
Ann: Cold, hard facts should do the trick, but don’t forget that vicious smears are lots of fun!

Q. In your book, you reference the GOP’s electoral woes being the result of political novices stepping out of line and making untimely public gaffes. Do you ultimately believe that, beyond this, the GOP’s overall message is successfully resonating with most voting American’s today, and it is purely individual candidates that are responsible for recent losses? —Sean
Ann: The message is fine—it would be great if our candidates delivered it. For example, our message on rape is that rapists should be locked up and not al- lowed to vote, as Democrats would like.

Q. Were you ever, during all your re- search, ever able to find one govern- ment program that saved money? —Lou
Ann: Capital punishment.

Q. In the book, you call out John Mc- Cain, Marco Rubio, Chris Christie and a few others for supporting amnesty for illegal immigrants. Do you think these Republicans (who are support- ing illegal immigration reform) are trying to promote themselves at the expense of the party, or do they actual- ly believe that taking the pro-amnesty position will make them more likely to win? In other words, are they mali- cious or naive? —Nicole
Ann: They’re Naivicious. Hey—I think I’ll make that the title to my next book! Rubio and McCain want praise from the Wall Street Journal; Christie wants to eat small children, and illegals are much tougher to trace.

Q. Do you think that the Republicans should counter a Hillary bid for the White House with a woman them- selves, and, if so, who should that woman be? —Vanessa
Ann: Unfortunately, I’m not a fan of our most prominent GOP women—Marco Rubio, Lindsey Graham, John McCain etc.

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