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Sen. Ron Johnson Is Quite Pleased Roy Moore Lost

Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) did not mince words when asked to comment on Tuesday night's election results in Alabama. When asked what he believed the "message" from last night was, Johnson said that "Alabamians didn't want somebody who dated 14-year-old girls." 


He then said that Steve Bannon should learn that the GOP needs better candidates in order to win Senate races before going into an office away from the camera. 

NBC News tweeted a video of the exchange. 

Watch the video here: 

Well, golly. Tell us how you really feel, Johnson, don't hold back!

Johnson has been critical of Roy Moore after nine women came forward to say he behaved inappropriately towards them. In November, Johnson said the allegations were disqualifying and said that if he were elected, he doubted that the Senate would actually seat him. He also said that if he were in Moore's shoes, he would have resigned as a candidate. 

Moore was defeated by Democrat Doug Jones by a slim margin. He has refused to concede the race. 

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