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White House Confirms Trump Called Roy Moore

The White House confirmed that President Donald Trump called Alabama Senate candidate Judge Roy Moore on Monday to offer his endorsement. Earlier in the day, Judge Moore's wife Kayla posted on Facebook about the call. 

Moore issued a statement saying he was "honored" to receive Trump's endorsement. Moore said that the two had a good conversation, and that Trump ended the call by saying "Go get 'em, Roy!" Further, Moore says he looks forward to working with Trump on issues such as border security, the Second Amendment, and the military.

Previously, President Donald Trump had said that he was not going to campaign for Moore ahead of the December 12 election. Trump had previously supported Luther Strange in the Alabama runoff this past September. Moore defeated Strange by about nine points. 

About a month after Moore won the primary, the Washington Post published a story featuring several women who accused Moore of sexual misconduct when they were in their teens. One of the women was 14 when she says Moore took her out on several dates and tried to pursue her sexually. Since that story published, additional women have come forward with stories about Moore behaving inappropriately. He denies all of the allegations. 

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