Sen. Rand Paul To Reveal Obamacare Replacement Bill This Week

Posted: Jan 15, 2017 3:35 PM

Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) has teased what the Obamacare replacement may look like.

A tweet sent by the senator on Saturday night showed the first page of the bill that would repeal and replace the affordable care act. In the tweet, Paul promised that more information would be released on Sunday as well as throughout the week.

On Sunday, Paul delivered. Speaking to CNN's Jake Tapper, he said that his plan would allow for cheaper insurance plans to be purchased, and would eliminate coverage mandates. His plan would also allow for small businesses to band together to get lower rates on insurance policies.

"One of the key reforms that we will do is, we're going to legalize the sale of inexpensive insurance," he said. "That means getting rid of the Obamacare mandates on what you can buy. We are going to help people save through health savings accounts, as well as a tax credit."


"There's no reason why (a business owner) with four employees shouldn't be able to join with hundreds and hundreds of other businesses that are small to become a large entity to get leverage to bring your prices down," Paul told Tapper. He added that those negotiations with insurance companies could also be used to guarantee the availability of policies that "can't cancel you and guarantees the issue of the insurance even if you get sick."

More details will be released later this week.