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BREAKING: The FBI Is Reopening the Investigation About Hillary's Emails

The FBI is reopening the investigation into Hillary Clinton's email server, multiple sources are reporting.

NBC News, as well as Congressman Jason Chaffetz, are reporting that FBI Director James Comey has sent a letter to Congress saying that the investigation into Clinton's server is now open to re-examine additional emails for classified information. These additional emails were discovered during an unrelated investigation. (It is unknown at the time as to what this "unrelated" investigation concerns. EDIT: The investigation concerned Anthony Weiner's sexts to an underage girl.)

And the actual letter:

This post has been updated.

Earlier, this post had an update that said the investigation would be completed in two to three days. This is incorrect and came from a now-deleted tweet from WaPo's Erik Wemple. There is no timeline for the investigation as of yet.

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