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"Super Saturday" Recap: Winners, Losers, and Delegates

Saturday was "Super Saturday" as five states took to the polls to vote for a nominee for president. Here's how it all went down:


Ted Cruz and Bernie Sanders both had pretty good nights, with Cruz having a surprise victory in the Maine caucus as well as picking up a win in Kansas. Cruz eliminated large gaps in polling to win Kansas and walk away from Louisiana with the same number of delegates as Donald Trump. Sanders won Nebraska and Kansas, and will likely win Maine's Democratic caucus that is held being held today, Sunday.



Saturday was not the best day for Marco Rubio. Rubio came in last place in Maine, third in Kansas, and third in Louisiana. He received no delegates in Maine because he was under the 10 percent threshold. Not good. John Kasich didn't have a fantastic night either, winning only 10 delegates.


Trump had a very mixed-bag of a night, hence the shrugging emoticon at the top of this paragraph. While there was extremely limited polling in Maine, many (this author, a Maine native, included) assumed he would do well there given the near-identical demographics of the state compared to Vermont and New Hampshire--both of which were huge Trump victories. Trump was endorsed by Maine's governor and drew a sizable crowd at a rally in Portland on Friday. Polls showed Trump with a solid lead in Kansas that obviously failed to materialize on Election Day, and despite Trump's double-digit leads over Cruz and Rubio in Louisiana, he won the state by only three points. (Cruz's surge after the polls closed made some pundits fear that the race had been called for Trump too early.)

Another candidate who had a "shrug" night was Clinton. Her only victory was in Louisiana, but she still leads the overall delegate total over Sanders.


On the GOP side:


Kansas: 24 for Cruz, 9 for Trump, 6 for Rubio, 1 for Kasich

Kentucky: 17 for Trump, 15 for Cruz, 7 for Rubio, 7 for Kasich

Louisiana: 18 for Cruz, 18 for Trump, 5 for Rubio, 0 for Kasich

Maine: 12 for Cruz, 9 for Trump, 2 for Kasich, 0 for Rubio

Totals: Trump has 382, Cruz has 300, Rubio has 128, and Kasich has 35. A candidate needs 1,237 to win the nomination.

On the Dem side:

Kansas: 23 for Sanders, 10 for Clinton

Louisiana: 35 for Clinton, 12 for Sanders

Nebraska: 14 for Sanders, 10 for Clinton

Totals: Clinton has 651 pledged delegates and 458 superdelegates for a total of 1,121. Sanders has 456 pledged delegates and 22 superdelegates for a total of 481. To secure the nomination, a candidate needs a total of 2,382.

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