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Seven Things to Look Out For This Week

Here are seven things to look out for in the world of politics in the upcoming week:

1. Super Tuesday is here

Tuesday, March 1 is "Super Tuesday" and it could very well be the day that decides the nominees for each party. Twelve states take to the polls, and there are 1,004 Democratic delegates and 595 Republican delegates up for grabs. Here's a guide for what's sure to be an exciting, chaotic day.


2. Will Kasich and Carson stay in the race?

Kasich and Carson aren't leading in a single state that votes on Super Tuesday, and their chances of winning the nomination are incredibly slim. Carson has even wondered out loud if his campaign is a scam. Is this the week they both wrap up their campaigns?

3. It's caucus time in Kansas, Kentucky, Maine, and Nebraska, and primary day in Louisiana, too.

Super Tuesday's primaries and caucuses aren't the only elections happening this week. Voters in Maine, Kentucky, Kansas, Kentucky (only the Republicans), Nebraska (only the Democrats) take to the caucuses on Saturday and Sunday, and voters in Louisiana will vote on Saturday in their primary.

4. Is the Sanders campaign doomed?

It's not looking too good for Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT). With the exception of his home state of Vermont, where he leads with an eye-popping 75 points in the polls over Clinton, he's not doing so hot in the majority of the other states who vote on Super Tuesday. Sanders got demolished in South Carolina on Saturday in their primary as well. Could this be the end of the road for Sanders? Barring a miracle and some seriously flawed polling, it's looking that way.

5. More endorsements coming out of the woodwork

Trump landed some big endorsements last week, and received what is basically an anti-endorsement from Sen. Ben Sasse (R-NE). Expect more people to publicly declare their endorsements later this week, especially if the race field thins after Super Tuesday.


6. Navy SEAL to receive Medal of Honor

Senior Chief Special Warfare Operator Edward Byers will receive the Medal of Honor on Monday for his bravery in rescuing an American civilian in Afghanistan in 2012. Byers threw his body on top of the civilian to shield him from gunfire. He is the 11th living person to receive the Medal of Honor for service in Afghanistan.


CPAC, or the Conservative Political Action Conference, is this week in National Harbor, MD. There was minor controversy last week when it was announced that Rubio would be skipping the event, but he'll be there on Saturday along with the other GOP presidential candidates. Townhall will be there providing coverage throughout the conference.

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