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Hillary Pledges to Release Information About Aliens if Elected

In what is possibly the most amusing campaign promise in the history of the United States, Hillary Clinton promised to release information about aliens, UFOs, and Area 51 if she is elected president. Clinton made the promise while in New Hampshire, in a meeting with The Conway Daily Sun, after she was asked about UFOs.


CONWAY — Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton gave UFO enthusiasts a reason to cheer at the close of her recent editorial board meeting with The Conway Daily Sun.

During the meeting, the former first lady, former senator from New York and secretary of state answered serious questions about foreign policy and the economy, and at the end, she chatted with this reporter, who had asked her about UFOs the last time she visited. She recalled that 2007 exchange with a smile and seemed to have fun discussing the topic.

"Yes, I'm going to get to the bottom of it," said Clinton with enthusiasm.

Clinton then asserted that she is open to the idea that the planet had been visited in the past by extraterrestrial life:


Apparently, Clinton's campaign chairman John Podesta is a bit of a UFO junkie as well:

While this is definitely an unusual thing to promise, Americans are certainly interested in the possibility of life on other planets. In 2007, Clinton claimed that the number one FOIA request for her husband’s library concerned information about UFOs.

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