Flashback: The "Myths and Facts" of Obamacare

Posted: Nov 05, 2013 12:30 PM

In 2009, the Obama administration launched whitehouse.gov/realitycheck to dispel the "myths" about Obamacare and to inform the public with "facts" about the law. Let's see how their claims have held up in the last four years:

Debunked "myth" #1: Health insurance reform will NOT use your tax dollars to fund abortions.

Actually, they will. Several states do not have a plan that does not cover abortions, meaning taxpayer dollars fund abortion coverage by default.

Debunked "myth" #2: The Affordable Care Act will help bring down the cost of health care.

Premiums have increased in 45 states. For the math-challenged among us, when something "increases" in price, that does not mean the costs are going down.

Debunked "myth" #3: Employers will not stop offering insurance to their workers when the law is implemented.

Tell that to employees of Time Warner, Walgreens, SeaWorld, Wendy's, Olive Garden, and countless other companies.

Debunked "myth" #4: Health reform will NOT lead to a government takeover of health care.

Well, Vermont is already using the health exchange system to ease its residents into single-payer Green Mountain Care, so there's that. Also, Sen. Harry Reid actually said that Obamacare is the first step towards single payer. Those aren't exactly comforting statements.

Debunked "myth" #5: Businesses will NOT suffer under health reform.

Here's a handy list of 100 "Unintended" consequences from Obamacare compiled by National Review Online. Businesses are suffering.

The fun thing about "facts" or "debunked myths" is that they remain the same over a period of time. For instance, it is a fact that the earth is round—this is not going to change in the next four years. The Obamacare "debunked myths" however, have all occurred. Something seems to be broken with the debunking machine at the White House.

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