The First 24 Hours

Posted: May 27, 2009 1:41 PM
One of the strongest aspects of is out active community, particularly the network of user-generated blogs.  We have bloggers from all over the country - and out of the country - from diverse backgrounds and experiences.  Blog topics literally range from one end of the spectrum to the other and often cover a wide range of topics.

When Obama announced his Supreme Court nominee as Sonia Sotomayor, our bloggers started to give their thoughts.  Here are some highlights from the first 24 hours after the announcement:

Ryck, Roxanna and NHoop discuss how Sotomayor has made comments indicating that she, in fact, may be a bigot.

Playful Walrus, DEConservative and Walter Grandberry break down Sotomayor's history of judicial activism; Miguel provides some proof to how liberal the nominee is.

Rich from NW Indiana, KsReaganite, and SteveK see this as an unsurprising move from a liberal President.

Iconic Freedom, Skep41 and Patrick Bohan take issue with Sotomayor's stress on self-identification as a credential.

JDHolden questions the nature of the pick itself; C.B. Stiggins sees this maneuver as a step in the creation of Obama's Royal Court.

Teresa and BurnThisToo ask if the Republicans should make an attempt at blocking the nomination.

TrueNorth feels that Sotomayor's politics make her a better candidate for Congress than a Supreme Court Justice.

And finally, Steve sees Sotomayor's selection as "uncontroversial."

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