Tea Parties Sweep the Nation

Posted: Apr 16, 2009 9:06 AM
chicago1-1.jpg picture by razzmission

We were receiving reports all of last night about the overwhelming turnouts for the various Tax Day Tea Parties around the country.  Thank you to all those who submitted information regarding the events.  Here are some dispatches from the frontlines:

Ryan attended the Sacramento, CA Tea Party, estimating 5,000 people protested.

Slowpoke the Cruiser spotted Glen Beck among the 15,000 taxpayers at the San Antonio rally.

Phoenix Lady has posted two videos from the Colorado Springs Tea Party.

Richard spent Tax Day photographing some of the most creative signs from the day in Paducah, KY.

Joyanna Adams checks in from the St. Louis events.

Dan Mulligan writes from the Cranbury, NJ Tea Party.

Mark 'the True Patriot' West visited Tea Parties in both Batesville, AR and Jonesboro, AR, where several hundred people stood against the Democrat agenda.

Laughtech supplies video from the Pasadena, CA Tea Party.

M*A reports in from Cleveland.

Jim Fister supplies photos and commentary for the Bend, OR march

Frank Canzolino sent us the picture above from the Chicago Tea Party, and Crispian reported on the events.

The Grosse Pointe, MI events had about 250 people waving flags and displaying signs.  According to one participant, it was a very gratifying experience and that this could be a sign that the "silent majority is back."

Finally, Las Cruces, NM had about 500 people at the rally.  Elwood Baas also supplied TH with the first appearance of a counter-protest, where six people showed up brandishing peace signs.  As was the theme at seemingly every location, the crowd was "electrified," standing as a united front against the wasteful spending of Congress.

lascruces3.jpg picture by razzmission