Drowning! Washington Threatens To Bankrupt America

Posted: Apr 06, 2010 4:08 AM
Social Security, the world’s biggest Ponzi scheme, has no money and no way of meeting its obligations.

Medicare’s dire future makes Social Security look like peanuts.

And Medicaid, the largest of our “autopilot” entitlement programs, will serve only to drive us deeper into debt.

Now, President Obama has enacted his signature legislation—ObamaCare—which will take over one-sixth of our economy.

Washington’s out-of-control spending and debt growth will bankrupt America—and our elected (and unelected) officials in the congressional majority and the White House are working to only make things worse.

But there is a way out.

We detail this vital issue and the solutions in the April issue of Townhall magazine.

One of the tactics for addressing our burgeoning government is the busting of government monopolies. Web sites like Craigslist show us how this is done.

Also, did you ever wonder who’s really got the power in Washington and is helping to grow the power of our government? One of the major players is the National Education Association, whose money and power dwarfs even that of the SEIU and ACORN. Too bad they’re not as focused on educating our kids as they are in increasing their own power.

Plus: We have an exclusive report on an American hero and patriot who thwarted a terrorist attack on the 2008 GOP convention. You probably haven’t heard his story since the would-be attackers were domestic, progressive leftists, not al Qaeda operatives.

And, now that we’ve joined forces with Hot Air, Ed Morrissey and Allahpundit are writing a regular feature for the magazine every month that is sure to raise the ire of everyone on the Left.

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In his cover story, “Drowning in Debt,” Heritage budget expert Brian Riedl explains why the massive growth of government and out-of-control entitlement spending threatens to bury America.
President Obama swept into office promising to make tough choices. Perhaps the toughest choices are needed in the federal budget, where historic budget deficits, combined with surging Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid entitlement costs, threaten to hand the next generation the greatest debt burden in history—resulting in painful tax increases, slower economic growth and lower lifetime incomes.

Yet rather than fulfill his pledge to dig America out of this budgetary hole, the president has dug the hole deeper with unaffordable “stimulus” spending and a budget proposal that increases spending and taxes even further. The result: an unsustainable federal budget trajectory that threatens the future of the U.S. economy. …

This is a conversation America must have. With spending and deficits soaring, kicking the can down the road is no longer an option. Muddling through with gimmicks and band-aid solutions isn’t realistic either.

The United States is about to dump the largest pile of debt in history onto the next generation. The federal government is about to grow to European levels—and bring our tax levels with it. It is time for President Obama and Congress to finally confront this challenge.

Here’s an American hero you’ve likely never heard of.

Brandon Darby learned something from Hugo Chavez’s Venezuela. Once a hard-core radical who sided with progressive revolutionaries, Darby prevented a left-wing terrorist attack on the 2008 GOP convention. Now, this America-loving patriot is the target of the domestic extremists he once called “friends.”

From Matthew Vadum’s exclusive report, “Radical Awakening: From America Hater to Hero”:
Did you know that a courageous former radical helped to avert a planned left-wing terrorist attack at the 2008 Republican National Convention that might have killed who knows how many Americans?

Neither did I until recently.

That’s because if you disrupt a terrorist attack on Americans by Islamic fundamentalists as Northwest Flight 253 passenger Jasper Schuringa did on Christmas Day, you’re a hero; however, if you take the initiative to undermine a terrorist attack on Americans by supposedly well-intentioned left-wing fundamentalists, you might as well be a terrorist yourself.

Brandon Darby, who in recent years also refused leftists’ invitations to get involved in Venezuelan communist subversion here in America and in anti-Israeli terrorism in Palestine, learned this unpalatable truth the hard way.

After years of in-your-face protests, confrontational tactics and working with America-haters, Darby eventually experienced a political epiphany. He rejected the radical Left and its culture of political violence. He came to realize that America, for all its faults, wasn’t such a bad place after all.

“I felt I had a duty to atone after badmouthing my country for so many years,” Darby told me in an interview. “I love my country.”

But Darby didn’t always love his country.

Townhall’s own Meredith Jessup takes an in-depth look at the National Education Association and its priorities in “Everything but Education.” The NEA has long been focused on money and power instead of teaching kids—this report exposes the union for who they are.


On Easter, billions of Christians around the world celebrated the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, but too many believers are prevented from freely worshipping and are targets of their own governments and fellow citizens. Doug Bandow details a new study that reveals the world’s worst persecutors of Christians and why we should care.


Tired of the federal government’s intrusion into your life? Web sites like Craigslist are undermining the government’s command and control over our lives. And they are answering a fundamental question of our time: How can we constrain Big Government? Dan Mitchell offers some answers and lays out the fundamentals of small-government conservatism.
Politicians all around the world are unhappy with the Internet, largely because it is difficult to regulate, control and tax. Governments such as China impose rigid controls on Web content, but disdain for the Internet is not limited to totalitarian regimes. State and local politicians commonly fret that they are losing tax revenue because of online sales. They have even convinced some members of Congress to introduce legislation creating a sales tax cartel which would violate our privacy by requiring the creation of a huge database for all out-of-state Internet purchases.

But this is not just an issue for goods that cross state lines. The political class is also increasingly skeptical about Web sites like Craigslist. This network of online communities may be the creation of a single company, but it is operationally very decentralized. Economists like the endeavor because it reduces search costs and improves the efficiency of the price system, but its laissez-faire structure also is ideal for people who are not overly happy with the plethora of government rules that govern our lives. As one writer noted, it is “a periscope into the underground economy. … There’s no sales tax on Craigslist. No regulation. No enforcement.”

Needless to say, this irks the political class. But what exactly is it about Craigslist, and the Internet more broadly, that rubs politicians the wrong way?

Ed Morrissey and Allahpundit debate how Obama will work with a Republican House majority if the GOP wins in November. Plus, get the top Obamateurisms of the month.


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