Whoops! Feds Discourage ObamaCare Applications on Paper

Posted: Dec 09, 2013 10:45 AM

Remember -- when the ObamaCare web site was completely decrepit -- how the President encouraged everyone to go ahead and sign up for ObamaCare on paper?

Well, not so fast. Now the feds are quietly discouraging the use of paper applications, because of fears that they can't be processed in time:

Federal health officials . . . discussed the issue during a conference call Wednesday with navigators and certified counselors in several states.

“They’ve said do not use paper applications because they won’t be able to process them anywhere near in time,” said John Foley, attorney and certified counselor for Legal Aid Society of Palm Beach County, who was on the call.

That contradicts what federal health officials told reporters during a national media call this week, during which they said there were no problems with paper applications.

Really? Government officials being less-than-honest with the press about the disaster that is ObamaCare? Who'd have believed it?

Now, Americans who need health insurance by January 1, 2014 -- which means they need to register by December 23 -- must choose between the devil or the deep blue sea: Either sign up on a web site where their private information is at risk, or choose paper applications that won't be processed in time.

Merry Christmas -- from all the Democrats who voted for this train wreck.

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