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With ObamaCare, Your Personal Health Information Is At Risk

Feel like your personal information is safe when you log onto the abysmal Don't. It isn't.

A Texan received a call from a man he had never met in South Carolina, who informed him, "I believe somehow the ACA, the Healthcare website has sent me your information."

Maybe this is why the ObamaCare web site informs users that they have no reasonable expectation of privacy.

Or perhaps that's because under HHS regulations, health insurers -- along with state, federal and local agencies -- are required to exchange the protected personal health information of anyone signing up for ObamaCare. And they don't need your permission to do it.

In any case, with all the President's left-wing cronies signing on as "navigators" and the top ObamaCare official under fire for having shared protected taxpayer information with the White House when she was at the IRS, there's no reason for any confidence that private information will remain just that. Private.

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