Controversial IRS Employee Gets a Promotion!

Posted: Aug 09, 2013 2:00 PM
Controversial IRS Employee Gets a Promotion!

Cindy Thomas was in charge of the IRS's Exempt Organizations office in Cincinnati during the entire two-year period when conservative organizations were targeted for their beliefs.  In fact, she is the one who illegally released confidential information about nine conservative organizations to a left-leaning group last November.

But now, she's receiving a promotion.  Pending the departure of Sharon Light, a top adviser to the still-on-paid-leave Lois Lerner, Thomas will replace her on the Senior Technical Adviser team for the Director of Exempt Organizations.

It's become clear that many of the shots in the targeting scandal were called from Washington, D.C.  Even so, Thomas' promotion is another example of the IRS thumbing its collective nose at the efforts of Republicans (precious few Democrats, with the exception of Max Baucus -- who's retiring -- have joined in) to hold it accountable for blatant discrimination against the Americans the agency is supposed to serve -- just because of their views.

The IRS is still targeting Tea Partiers.  No meaningful reforms have been put in place.  The agency -- and Democrats -- continue to impede any effort to figure out what really happened, why and who, exactly, was responsible.

The scandal just goes on.

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