Who Improperly Accessed IRS Records?

Posted: Jul 17, 2013 8:27 PM

Yesterday, reports emerged that there were several incidents in which candidate and donor IRS records were improperly accessed -- and at least one instance where it was done intentionally.

Apparently, it was a government employee -- but not someone from the IRS -- who improperly obtained the records.  So who was it? Was it someone working in The White House? We don't know.  The IRS has declined to name the snooper and the Holder Justice Department has declined to prosecute.

President Obama has expressed confidence in his hand-picked IRS chief.  If all is as transparent and above-board as we're being told it is, why won't he simply come out and tell Congress (even in closed session) who was improperly accessing politically sensitive IRS files . . . unless, of course, doing so would shine a light on some of the darker corners of the Obama operation? 

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