A Tough But Necessary Vote

Posted: Dec 20, 2012 7:39 PM

Look, I get how difficult it is for any member of the Republican caucus to vote for a tax increase, even one on those making $1 million or more per year.

But at this point, it's the best of bad options.  Opposing it means subjecting everybody to a big tax hike, when we go over the fiscal cliff, AND getting blamed for it by the Democrats.  If "Plan B" passes, the GOP can at least point out that they took a tough vote in order to spare as many people as possible from the tax hike the President was determined to impose at almost any cost.

It's entirely likely that we could go over the cliff anyway.  But at that point, it's the Democrats' fault . . . not the Republicans'.  And that's the best outcome for which we can hope at this time.

I guess I just don't see what opposing any tax increase gets the Republicans.  It's effectively allowing a tax increase on the middle class, along with the "evil rich."  With Plan B, at least the GOP has a case to make to the myriad of low-information voters out there like this one.

Many people and groups I respect see this entirely differently.  So what am I not understanding?

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