"October Surprise" Time?

Posted: Oct 20, 2012 7:28 PM

As Ed Morrissey notes, the silliness emanating from the Obama camp -- "binders" and "Romnesia", really?! -- suggest that the President and his team know that the numbers are moving the wrong way. 

Of course, such knowledge only heightens the chances of an "October surprise" being unleashed.  Some are speculating that it's some kind of "breakthrough negotiations" with Iran over its nuclear program (a theory perhaps validated by the fact that, true to form, the administration failed to inform Israel about the negotiations).

The UK's Daily Mail, however, is reporting on rumors that lefty lawyer Gloria Allred is trying to dig up dirt on Romney.  If done close enough to the end of the campaign, of course, there's insufficient time to rebut spurious allegations.  All that being said, of course, people may discount her antics since they've been repeated so often in California politics (first against Arnold Schwarzenegger and then against Meg Whitman).

Of course, she may have less luck this time, given that Romney has already been pretty thoroughly vetted through two runs for President, one for the US Senate and one for governor.  Her "victim" would need an air-tight story and an impeccable personal life.

All that being said, it's just an unfortunate reminder that there are still a few cards that remain for the left to play -- and as all of us know, these are not people who relinquish power willingly.


UPDATE: The White House denies it is seeking talks with Iran.