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Empty Chair Day

In the wake of Clint Eastwood's RNC speech -- and in light of the horrific employment situation attributable to Obamanomics -- many are observing Empty Chair Day, rather than Labor Day (photos courtesy of 
Gateway Pundit).  

Indeed, statistics alone tell the tale of what a debacle the Obama presidency has been.  You won't hear much about these numbers at the DNC this week, but here are the facts

When the President took office: 7.8%
Now: 8.3%

Median Household Income:
When the President took office: Almost $55,000
Now: Less than $51,000

Price of Gas:
When the President took office: $1.85 per gallon
Now: $3.78 per gallon (almost double!)

National Debt:
When the President took office: $10.6 trillion
Now: May exceed $16 trillion this week

The Democrats can hoot and holler all they want.  Their problem is (1) these numbers; and (2) increasingly, Americans realize that if we keep on doing what we're doing, we'll keep on getting what we're getting.

As Clint Eastwood said: We own this country.  And if someone isn't doing the job, we really have no choice but to let him go.

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