Obama the Uniter

Posted: Apr 04, 2012 7:52 AM
At the rate the president is going, pretty soon the only buddies he's going to have left are his "flexibility friends," Dmitry Medvedev and Vladimir Putin (and, of course, the American press -- world without end amen).  He's a uniter, all right -- if you're talking about getting people united against him.

He's already alienated Canada. Prime Minister Stephen Harper said yesterday that the president's rejection of the Keystone Pipeline emphasized the importance of Canada finding other markets for its energy.

Other democratic allies, like valiant Poland, are rightly rattled about the President's promise to Russia of post-election "flexibility."

Israelis are alienated by the president's attempts to undermine them vis a vis Iran -- and nervous about the possibility President Obama will scapegoat them for high gas prices.

Here at home, the President has managed to alienate people of faith -- and those who respect people of faith -- with his conscience-busting HHS abortifacient mandate.  Many in the business community also have been turned off by his anti-business rhetoric, even if they dare not do more than remain "neutral."

And now, the President is picking fights with a co-equal branch of government, the judiciary -- some members of which don't seem too pleased (full disclosure - I interviewed with Judge Jerry Smith on the 5th Circuit before accepting a clerkship with Judge Sentelle on the DC Circuit).

You can play along at home . . . or in the comments!  There are plenty more examples.  The upshot? President Obama is turning out to be a great uniter -- against himself.