Calling Out Religious Bigotry

Posted: Feb 01, 2012 1:52 PM
As Gwylim McGrew notes below, anti-Mormon smears are going to be the order of the day among some segments of the "journalistic community" desperate to boost President Obama's electoral chances.

Exhibit A is the most remarkable "Room for Debate" forum in yesterday's New York Times.  Titled "What Is It About Mormons?", it features five contributions from "thinkers," four of whom relentlessly bash the Mormon faith.  Despicable.

Can anyone imagine a Times item titled "What Is It About Muslims?" or "What Is It About Jews?" -- and then inviting critics to bash away?  Unimaginable and disgusting to contemplate.  This is no less appalling.

Perhaps it's just one more manifestation of the reflexive anti-religiosity of too much of the left . . . but it's important to call out and criticize those perpetuating religious stereotypes and attempting to marginalize good Americans just because of their religion.

And surely President Obama -- already having angered Catholics by his blatant assault on their freedom of conscience  -- isn't going to try to go after the Mormons, too?