Thank You, Christine O'Donnell

Posted: Sep 21, 2010 5:08 PM
As Townhall readers may recall, I am not a particular fan of Christine O'Donnell -- not because of her policy positions, but for the other reasons I discussed here.  I'm certainly not a fan of anyone dabbling in witchcraft.

But for Pete's sake.  Hearing the Democrats hyperventilate about O'Donnell makes you wonder whom the religious Puritans in America really are.  Here's a modest proposal: Perhaps Ms. O'Donnell can tap into the well-known Democrat and liberal "tolerance" if she'll just pledges to practice witchcraft on the hallowed site of Ground Zero. 

In any case, Christine O'Donnell deserves the thanks of Republicans.  She is taking such a heaping helping of abuse from the MSM and Democrats that other good, strong candidates and campaigns are able to benefit from a respite.  And the more they try to attribute O'Donnell's more idiosyncratic views to all GOP'ers and Tea Partiers, the more palpable their air of desperation -- and the noxious odor of flop sweat -- becomes.

Keep it up, Democrats!