About Something Bigger Than Themselves

Posted: Sep 17, 2010 10:50 PM
I have a message for Lisa Murkowski, considering a write-in bid for the US Senate.  It's also a message for Charlie Crist -- who lost the primary in Florida and is now running as an independent -- and for Delaware's Mike Castle, who released a remarkably graceless press release in the wake of his primary defeat by Christine O'Donnell (and seemed to leave himself "wiggle room" about his plans in the event of a defeat).

Here is the message: Get over yourselves.  Not to put too fine a point on it, YOU LOST.  Now, if you care at all about the Republican voters in your state or Republicans generally or saving America from the Obama disaster, step aside graciously. 

By your behavior, you are displaying the arrogance, the self-centeredness, the utter lack of respect for GOP voters that has animated the Tea Party, and with such good reason.  You're revealing yourselves as people who care about nothing larger than yourself and holding onto a taxpayer subsidized job.

So do the right thing (well, it's too late for Charlie Crist).  Accept the will of the voters and decline to play the role of Democrat stalking horse and spoiler.  And spare yourselves the humiliation and shame of losing twice while empowering continued domination of government by liberal Democrats.  Please

It's not just about you.  It's about America.