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The Upside of the Mosque Mess

It's a revealing piece of news that those planning a Muslim mosque at Ground Zero have refused even to meet with Governor David Paterson, who has offered to help them find a different, less controversial site.  Do our friends on the left consider their refusal even to discuss the matter to be "tolerant" and "open-minded"?  Just wondering.

But hey -- to look for silver linings in the dark clouds, the whole mosque controversy may, ultimately, prove to have been of value.  For those abroad who watch the US with a less-than-friendly eye, it at least has the value of signalling that regular Americans don't share the "wobbly," apologetic, weak-kneed stance that their president regularly adopts in his dealings with the rest of the world.

In other words, America's adversaries abroad shouldn't be fooled.  We are still the same tolerant but tough, peace-loving but principled country that Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush also led.   We welcome all newcomers who arrive legally and with the desire to become part of our great melting pot -- but, whatever poses our leaders adopt, we are not going to apologize for our existence, and confer a presumption of superiority on every other culture and civilization besides those that have historically defined America.  We intend to "actively defend" our institutions, our beliefs and our freedom.  

Let's hope that any enemy who may be intending to prey on Obama's weakness has gotten the message.

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