Alice in Wonderland Foreign Policy

Posted: Jun 11, 2010 12:19 PM
All Americans who value Israel as an ally -- whether they're Jewish or not -- need to be raised loudly in opposition.  Bill Kristol reports that the Obama administration is going to support a UN inquiry into Israel and the flotilla incident

To imagine that this kind of inquiry would be balanced is a joke, given the anti-Semitic tendencies of most of the UN.  And even the Obama administration probably knows it.  It's just one more example of Obama throwing allies to the wolves -- in this case, the one thriving, indisputably pro-America, democratic country in the Middle East -- while it courts enemies.

So on the one hand, the administration actually tries to ease sanctions on Iran -- an avowed enemy that poses, literally, an existential threat to our ally, Israel -- as it undermines our friend.

This is foreign policy, Alice-in-Wonderland style.  It's surreal and frightening.