So They Say . . .

Posted: May 28, 2010 12:02 PM
So The White House is poised to pin the blame for the Sestak job-swap debacle on former President Bill Clinton.

How convenient.  It takes responsibility beyond the Obama administration and puts law enforcement in the difficult position of trying to squeeze the truth out of Bill Clinton (and, of course, does Hillary Clinton's ambitions -- whatever they  might be -- no good.  Don't think the administration didn't think of that, too).

It could be argued that the revelation of Clinton's involvement raises more questions than it answers.  Did anyone tell Clinton to float the offer of a job?  In what context was the offer made? 

The truth is that no one will ever get to the bottom of this mess without the main players being put under oath -- and that includes Sestak.  And that, doubtless, is the scenario the Obama administration wants to avoid at all costs.

Nothing good ever comes of putting Bill Clinton under oath, after all.  We've seen this movie  before.