Forgetting Who's "The Boss"

Posted: Apr 07, 2010 3:53 PM
No doubt the lefties among us are dismayed to learn that the Tea Party movement is going mainstream.

For those who don't yet understand the impulses that are prompting the rapid rise in the Tea Parties' popularity, here is an example.  It seems like a minor thing -- but in many ways, it says it all.

From Bloomberg:

Former New Jersey Governor Jon Corzine's office got U2 and Bruce Springsteen seats the public couldn’t buy last year, at the same time the state was suing brokers over ticketing practices, according to documents showing 22 elected officials received special treatment.

In a sense, this little vignette highlights the attitude that's inspiring so much of the outrage and disgust at government among regular Americans -- the hypocrisy, the double standard and the sense of entitlement.

It seems that those we elect -- and support with our tax dollars -- have forgotten that they're supposed to be our employees, not our rulers.  Their offices are not supposed to entitle them to live like royalty, collecting special favors  and getting special treatment not available to the "regular people."

If Americans had been willing to live in a society where a "ruling class" arrogated special privileges unto themselves, there would have been no need for Tea Parties -- either in pre-Revolutionary times, or now.

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