Slaughter's Just the "Same Difference"

Posted: Mar 14, 2010 7:58 PM
Here is an explanation of what the "Slaughter Solution" entails.  By passing the Slaughter rule, House Dems would essentially deem the Senate bill passed, along with the reconciliation bill, without ever having, technically, to have voted on the Senate bill itself.

Aside from the not-small issue of (1) whether the Senate would actually pass the reconciliation bill adopted by the House under the Slaughter rule, and (2) whether that would solve the various problems with the Senate bill anyway (remember, abortion can't be addressed in reconciliation) there's just one simple question left: Who believes it would make a political difference whether a congressman voted for the Senate bill, or simply voted to deem it adopted (along with other provisions that might or might not pass in the Senate)?

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