GOP Silent on Abortion?

Posted: Mar 14, 2010 3:28 PM
Marjorie Dannenfelser notes the conspicuous silence from GOP politicians about the abortion provisions in the health care "reform" bill -- in contrast to the objections raised by a brave Democrat like Bart Stupak.

It seems clear that Republicans have been spooked by a MSM narrative that, in effect, argues that any hint of social conservatism scares off moderates.  No doubt there's also a calculation here that the vast majority of pro-lifers are already Republican -- and so the pols are directing their arguments to independents and moderates, hence the emphasis on the bill's outrageous cost and its damage to American medical care.

But although there's no doubt a right -- and a wrong -- way to talk about social issues, that's no excuse for Republicans.  Surely they can make the point both to pro-choicers (outside of the pro-abortion zealots) and pro-lifers that -- whatever one's views on the morality or legality of abortion -- the government shouldn't be subsidizing it with taxpayer money, as would be the case were the Senate bill to pass.