"Through the Mud"?

Posted: Mar 04, 2010 9:59 AM
Refusing to answer legitimate questions about which government lawyers now at the DOJ once represented inmates at Guantanamo Bay, a Justice spokesman characterizes the inquiries as an attempt to "drag people's names through the mud."

Interesting.  If those lawyers -- and the Justice Department -- aren't ashamed of their service, why won't they name them?  What makes revealing one's clients tantamount to a trip "through the mud" (unless the clients themselves are, to hold the metaphor, pigs)?

I take from all this that the Obama Justice Department -- and the left -- is setting a precedent, so that if future Republican departments care to hire lawyers who have previously represented everything from pro-lifers to homeschoolers to pro-religion groups, they need not disclose their names or their previous associations.

Oh, wait -- that's different.  And that's because, for much of the left, some of these folks are actually deemed more dangerous than terrorists. Just ask Janet Napolitano.