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Uncovering Left-Wing Contempt

Left-wingers love "the people" -- it just people that they can't stand.

In other words, if the "proletariat" simply knows its place -- and remains willing to be led by left-wingers, then it's entitled to sympathy, government pay-outs and all the condescension liberals can muster.

If people dare to think for themselves, however, and prefer freedom to left-wing platitudes, the abuse from the left knows no bounds.

President Obama's comments about regular people "clinging" to guns and religion are well known.

Just recently, left-wing ideologue (and all around grotesque personality) Bill Maher insisted that Americans are "not really bright enough to understand all the issues."

This is just most recent in a spate of contemptuous, derogatory remarks about fellow Americans coming from left-wing mouthpieces, including:

Time columnist Joe Klein's characterization of his fellow countrymen as "too dumb to thrive."  Or Salon's Jacob Weisberg's insistence that the "childish, ignorant American public" -- rather than the politicians -- should be held accountable for the difficulties in which the country now finds itself.  Or the assertion of John Podesta -- of Soros' Center for American Progress and former Clinton chief of staff -- that American politics "sucks" (because, of course, the people aren't supporting his views).

It's enlightening for the American people to see which "thinkers" hold them, their intelligence, and their wish to be free of big government in such profound contempt.

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