Splitting the Difference?

Posted: Dec 08, 2009 10:41 PM
Today's news on health care "reform" shows that both moderate and liberal Democrats are taking it on the chin.

Moderates must face the fact that Ben Nelson's abortion amendment was defeated.  Will Nelson still support the final bill?  He's softened his stance, so possibly, he could.

For liberals, the death of any real government option must have been a blow.  Liberals like Sherrod Brown of Ohio and Roland Burris of Illinois have said they'll refuse to support a bill without one.  Will they follow through on their threats, or just cave?  Hard to know.

So, on the one hand, support for a final bill could completely collapse because every Democrat is unhappy with some aspect of it.  Or they could choose to put lipstick on a pig, and every Democrat could simply go along to get along, arguing that they are splitting the difference and compromising. 

Obviously, the more unhappy voters are with the mess developing in the Senate,  the more likely it is that the bill will be defeated.  Just another good reason to let your voice be heard . . .