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As PelosiCare winds ever closer to a vote, the newest example of government "heath care" incompetence -- the debacle over the insufficiency of swine flu vaccine and inequities in its distribution
--  should serve as one more warning (as if anyone needed it) about what too often happens when the government is in charge.

Nancy Pelosi says her bill will cover everyone at a cost of $894 billion.  Right.  Just in September, HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius insisted that the swine flu vaccine would be delivered earlier than expected.  So much for government's predictive powers, right?

Has there ever been a government program that worked better -- and more cheaply -- than expected?  Hardly.  The expenses incurred by the overwhelming majority end up exceeding projections by a vast degree.  Does anyone really expect PelosiCare to be any different?

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