THIS Doesn't Fit the Narrative!

Posted: Nov 06, 2009 12:18 PM
In the wake of their electoral debacle last Tuesday, lefties like Eric Alterman insist that their partisans have reason to smile, because of ideological divisions in the Republican party.

But wait a minute.  Byron York reports this morning that is raising money to attack moderate Democrats who decline to toe the party line when it comes to health care.  How strange that the MSM has been focused so exclusively on Republican internecine warfare, no?!

If anything, I'd rather be dealing with the divisions within the Republican Party.  At this point, they're centered around issues that are largely popular with the public, like how much to reduce the size of government, how best to restore jobs, how best to resist the Obama State's mulitple incursions on personal liberty.  Dede Scozzafava -- the nominally Republican candidate in NY-23 -- was so far outside even the Republican "big tent" that anyone who actually agrees with her on the issues can't be classified as anything but a Democrat.

In contrast, the Democrat internecine fighting is focused on an issue that is deeply unpopular with Americans -- health care "reform."  What's more, the members of the party who are under attack are, by and large, Democrats who just can't buck their moderate districts by supporting a bill the public hates on an issue that isn't voters' top priorities.

So the MSM chin-strokers and navel-gazers can revel in GOP disagreements all they want.  I prefer them to the problems that the Democrats have.0