Shameful Appeasement

Posted: Sep 17, 2009 11:13 AM
There's news this morning that dwarfs the Acorn controversy and most other matters.  President Obama has now thrown Czechslovakia and Poland under the bus, eliminating all plans for a missile defense shield in Eastern Europe.

It is all too reminiscent of the Hungarian spring, when the US stood by and let the USSR crush the Hungarian freedom movement.  This appeasement will do nothing but embolden the most militaristic and dangerous elements of the Russian ruling class.  Message: America has retreated.

This move will cause us  nothing but trouble in the long term.  And it's a fine repayment for the support and friendship that these brave Eastern European countries have shown America, isn't it?

If he knows about this, there is a tear in Ronald Reagan's eye this morning. 
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